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Energy Spells
Energy Spells are almost always white magic spells. There are instances where you would use an energy spell to open a channel for black magic to follow through, so that is more of a generality than an actual rule. Many Spell Casters try to avoid using energy (white magic) in conjunction with back magic, but this is simply due to inexperience. Most of the powerful spells that work on a re-occurring basis, are channeling both White & Black Magic Energy.
Energy Spells are a wonderful way to change someones mood, behavior, love interests, friends, memory of events, and much more. 95% of spells cast through our network have either an energy base, or an energy spell follow up, to compliment the frontal spell. 

Spell Type: Master White magic Spell Outlet. Core Energy Spell (Multi Purpose)
Advanced White Magic Energy Spell. Spell is cast using offerings through fire, and light opening during the entering of the circle. See above for specifics.

Length of time Spell Takes to mature: Instantaneous changes are almost always seen.

Casting Style: White magic, ceremonial (2 parties required)

Recasts needed: Typically not. Energy spells work as designed, unless a party is closed off from suggestions, or the offerings are rejected during casting. Recasts are performed free of charge.

Potency Level: 9.5/10 (graded by SOPA)

Time needed for ceremony: 20 minutes preparation and 55 minutes to perform.

Pricing: Consult us for exact specifics to current rates

Guaranteed?: Yes, All Energy Spells are covered by our 100% guarantee.

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